Character Updates

Just want to show you that i’ve not discard my Western Illustration Project.

I’ve find some time to work on the body as well as the Colt 1862 by testing the Great possibilities of Mesh Fusion that have been released few days ago on Modo 701 by The Foundry.


ZBrush update for the Body and UV work.

the Colt Modeling part with MeshFusion:


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It’s time to turn the blog in English

As most of the readers of my blog are for a large part outside of France, and because I want to broaden the audience to more people here in Korea and from overseas, I will now write the blog in English (with some Korean exclusive content as my language skills improve). I will translate most of the existing articles during the next month (if the time let me do that).

I hope that this change will suit everyone following me, from friends to CG contacts.
Cheers !

Introducing a first attempt for my portfolio.

Cheers !


Personal Studies (.PDF)


Professional Experience (.PDF)

1st Level Korean Graduated & Folks

I’m pleased to inform my family as well as my friends and professional contacts, that I’ve been graduated for the 1st level of korean language at the CWNU on 8st November.


I’m actually doing my best to get graduated for the lvl 2. But my brain is going to overflow with all that new vocabulary/grammar and also because i’m currently looking deeply into the Substance Designer 4 from Allegoritmic as well as the last Marmoset ToolBag 2.

Merry Christmas !

Fresh Air.

Très occupé par les deux mois de cours de coréen et en attendant les résultats, je profite de cette accalmie pour faire un update des médias dispo sur les différents projets réalisés pour Apportmedia dans la Galerie.

Ça tombe bien c’est mon anniversaire et oui 33 ans désormais.

Landscape & Vito Police Van:
Vehicule A
Vehicule B
Vehicule C